Automatic Qickstart Connector System
Fire fighting vehicles are provided with charging-, air- and mainpower connectors in many cases. All must be disconnected manually from the vehicle or have been taken off in case of turnouts. Anyway this is not possible with many vehicles due to their structure and especially in new garages with opposite gates, since this method needs a rear wall - Therefore remedy was necessary!!


Now ALL garages of the fire-fighters, existing as well as new buildings can be equipped with this HIGH TECH automatic Quickstart - Connector System.


The automatic Quickstart - Connector System is a product, which has already worked for many years in many fire-brigades all over Europe succesfully.
Here ALL functions are placed such as


 - compressed air supply

 - battery charge

 - supply of the vehicle with main voltage (battery charge for pocket lamps,   

   walky talkies, gasdetectors, etc.)

 - control systems

 - control signal for "cut current before dissolving process"


in ONE plug system

By the function of the automatic dissolving process, i.e. if the car is started, the automatic Quickstart - Connector System is separated by using compressed air from the vehicle and pulled up to the ceiling via a particularly developed retractor (additional accessory). So the firefighters can apply themselves to their emergencies


The installation can take place into each kind of vehicle without any problems subsequently. For the installation in the garage a complete control cabinet (additional accessory) with battery charger(s), a contactor for dead-voltage disconnecting, etc. is available. Easy for the technicians, because they only have to provide for current and compressed air.