VKUP1 (400V) supply coupler

 - supply coupler with 5m cable (special length available)

 - 2 charging curcuits 12-24V DC

 - 3 phases 230/400V AC

 - control lamp (shows correct air- and current- connection of the vehicle)

 - built-in electronic curcuit to control the dissolving process

 - separate braking- and dissolving air pipe

 - built-in micro-pushbutton for manual dissolving process

 - airpressure of 0-10bar, special model for 40bar

 - controlling signal for "dead disconnection"

 - impact-resistant and splash water protected enclosure








  technical data:


  charge current: 20A DC (rated current)

  alternating curent: 12A AC (rated current)

  vehicle- air supply: 0-10 (40) bar

  dissolving- air supply: 2-6 bar

  ambient temperature: -20C - 60C

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